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Google wallet refund

Google is a giant corporation which is providing its services in various sectors. One of the famous ones is google pay. With the help of these people are able to transfer money all around the world. This has provided the option to the people of transferring the money from one account to another in a safe and secure way. But even with the security and technology, it is difficult to not to face any problem during the transfer of money. For this kind of situation, a user might think of Google wallet refund. This is important as well as you are transferring the money for some reason and if it is not fulfilled on time then there is no use of it.

Who can get the Google wallet refund?

If you have lost the money on the Google pay then you can get it easily. But you should have an excuse or reason which is genuine. Here are some of the situations where a user can contact the developers directly to get the Google wallet refund.

Google Wallet Refund Number

  • If someone else made the purchase accidentally using our account, then you can request the refund from the Google pay.
  • Another condition can be when someone you do not know made the payment without your consent.
  • Or there was a network error while making the payment but the money has been deducted from your account.

Google wallet refund policy

When you are using the google wallet than getting the refund is not that simple. As there are some policies of Google which are needed to be paid. If you are not following them then getting the refund is quite difficult.

You can try it by uninstalling the application and then installing it again. As this might be able to get your money back into your account again. But you must know that this process might not be able successful always. Another way is to contact the customer service as they can guide you with these kinds of situations. Here is the list of things for which you can get the refund for:

  • Google play movies & TV refunds.
  • Google play music refunds.
  • Google play books refund.
  • Google play Newstand refunds.
  • Subscribe with Google.

There are many other things for which you might want to get the refund. You can get for all of those but you have to be sure that you did not violate the terms and conditions of Google.

Time Taken

When you ask for the refund then the maximum chances are that you will be able to get that. But the process might take time. The usual time taken by Google to refund the money into your account is around 3-4 days.

Final words

But there is one thing that is important to consider when you are asking for the refund and that is – There is no official place to ask for the refund from the Google pay. The only thing that will be required to do is request Google to get you the Google wallet refund. If they find the request to be genuine then you will refund your money as soon as possible.

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